Errors in Medical Research: Statistical Thinking


  • Saadet Goksu Celik Dokuz Eylul University, Medical Faculty, Department of Public Health, Izmir, Turkey
  • Yusuf Celik Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Department of Biostatistics, Istanbul, Turkey


Errors, Medical Research, Statistical Thinking


The role of statistical methods in medical studies is indisputable. Using incorrect statistical methods in medical publications will result in inaccurate reporting of publication results to health readers and patients. This situation is not only unethical, it causes patients not to get better and hinders our progress in the field of medicine. For this reason, this study will focus on statistical mistakes made especially in medical research, and then on statistical thinking.

The foundations of statistical thinking come primarily from methods related to the discipline of statistics. It also comes from the study fields of medical informatics and computer science. Evidence-based Statistical thinking allows us to accurately identify problems. In fact, all statistical methods are evidence-based. Especially when human intuition often uses statistical thinking, it reaches more accurate results.

Statistical thinking provides us with important tools to accurately understand events and determine whether human intuition is right or wrong.

The solution to incorrect statistical reporting will be prevented by researchers better learning the methods and terminology of Biostatistics science. Unfortunately, although the importance of statistical tests is emphasized, statistical errors continue to appear in serious scientific journal articles.




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