Letter to the Editor


  • E Petekkaya Department of Anatomy, Beykent University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
  • M A Pulatkan Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Bezmi Alem University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
  • M Dokur Department of Emergency Medicine, Biruni University Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey


Computed Tomography, direct Xray evaluation


Computed Tomography (CT) and direct Xray evaluations of the whole bone structure of the 80-year-old male patient, who has
been admitted to the emergency service due to head and body trauma as a result of falling, has been conducted upon
orthopedical clinical consultation request following superficial wounds on extremities. Although there were no pathologies observed as a result of the fall, other than elderness related osteopythe on a few areas, the case has been considered
interesting especially due to extremely visible femur trabecular lines on the radiogram of this patient. Since it is
generally not possible to observe trabecular lines on the coronal section in a normal radiogram, we requested the visual for
further analysis. 




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