Veganism and Vegetarianism


  • Irem Durusoy Biruni University, Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ece Gocer Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Derya Deniz Paydas Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sevval Erdun Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Tumay Aydogan Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Department of Medical Education, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Yusuf Celik Biruni University, Medical Faculty, Department of Biostatistics, Istanbul, Turkey


Veganism, vegetarianism, diet, consumption, nutrition.


Nowadays we hear many things about our consumption. In newspaper, on TV or especially in social media people emphasize that if we would keep going to consume as reckless, we wouldn’t find soon any source for nutrition or energy production. That’s why some consumers start to query their life effect to the earth. Before talking about comprehensive environment organization or government’s decision, we should change something in our dinner table. According to this approach some people now have different diet. The most popular of them are veganism and vegetarianism. What are these actually? What is difference between veganism and vegetarianism? Why are these diets recent trend? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? The current review was reported to answer such questions. In a comprehensive study, a systematic review meta-analysis of observational studies reported taht significant reduced levels of body mass index, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and
glucose levels in vegetarians and vegans versus omnivores. Prospective cohort studies showed a significant reduced risk of incidence and/or mortality from ischemic heart disease (RR 0.75; 95% CI, 0.68 to 0.82) and incidence of total cancer (RR 0.92; 95% CI 0.87 to 0.98). Epidemiological studies have supported the hypothesis that vegetarian diets protect against Type2 Diabetes Mellitus (23) and also the studies showed that vegetarian and vegan diets offer significant benefits for diabetes management.
As a result, recommended herbal diets should be offered more widely to reduce the risk of chronic disease development.




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Durusoy, I., Gocer, E., Paydas, D. D., Erdun, S., Aydogan, T., & Celik, Y. (2019). Veganism and Vegetarianism. International Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies, 8(2), 8–16. Retrieved from



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