Independent Component Analysis and an application in the field of health


  • Ömer Uysal İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa, Cerrhapaşa School of Medicine, Dpartment of Biostatistics


Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Bayesian Theory, Main Component Solution, Factor Solution



Independent Component Analysis has been used for 10 years in the fields of statistics and neurophysiology.  Therefore, ICA is completely new and original technique. It is established on the basis of Factor Analysis. ICA is used for decomposing the components in order to obtain clear and analyzable subcomponents. Method seems to be useful particularly in deartifacting procedure.

In this research an overview of ICA has been tried to made. EEG is used as an example. Main purpose of this study is to provide a basic reference to the researchers about the ICA on which there is no enough work in Turkey. Besides, it is attempted to show that it is a good method which can be used in several areas of health sciences. It is hoped that exploration of the mathematical and statistical basis of ICA could illuminate to the Turkish scientists who might interested in ICA. This research is  doctorate thesis of author.




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