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The Miracle of Biostatistics in Medical Research

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The Miracle of Biostatistics in Medical Research

M.Yusuf Celik*

*Prof.Dr., Dicle University, Medical Faculty, Departmant of Biostatistics


Statistical theory and statistical methods have been provided significant results in all scientific disciplines. Today, Biostatistical methods are being miracle solutions for the complex problems of medical and clinical research.
Statistics is not mathematics; neither is probability. They have been distinguished probability from statistics. Probability is math; statistics is not. Probability is deductive; statistics is inductive.
According to the Editorial report entitle is to ?Looking Back on the Millennium in Medicine? published in New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM); The application of statistics to medicine as one of the eleven most important medical developments during the last millennium.
In 1984, the American Association for the Advancement of Science polled leading U.S. scientists asked which were the most important scientific, technological and medical discoveries since 1900?. Statistics (chi-square test) has been taken at 22 th order in the list of ? The 23 most significant scientific contributions to our life in the 20th Century?.
The chronological of statistical development have been started with observation. Statistics is the science of nature, therefore it is considered to be the nature of science.
Statistics accepted as social science in 18 century. Sociologist Adolphe Quatelet (1796-1874) who has developed Body Mass Index is an establisher of statistics. Adolphe Quetelet was a Belgian social statistician and a forerunner in demonstrating the importance of statistics to social science. In this way Quetelet was a pioneer in developing a whole new methodology to be used in the social sciences. He felt that using statistics to gather social knowledge was the solution for the betterment of society. The statistics Quetelet gathered have great historical significance.
In the medical field, complex problems are waiting for the solution. This solution will be realized by using powerful statistical methods. If it needs to specify few methods for 21 th century; the most ones are Recevier Operating Curve Analysis, Logistic Regression, Kaplan?Meier survival curve, Cox proportional hazards regression model, methods for statistical validation etc.. using the right method, interpret the outcomes correctly will be realize by a study a team with specialist of Biostatistics.

Key words: Biostatistics, ROC, Logistic Regression, Development of Biostatistics, Miracle of Biostatistics, Medical Research

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