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International Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies
Frequency: Two print issues per year (Summer & Winter)
ISSN: 2147-1428 
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Prof.Dr.M.Yusuf Celik



Issue II September 2013

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Year: 2013

Issues:Vol 2 | No. 2 September 2013 




pdf1.Celik Y. The Miracle of Biostatistics in Medical Research.pdf

pdf2. Celik F and Ozturk B.Eating Disorders Binge Eating and Nutritional Treatment.pdf

pdf3. Surucu HA,Kizilci S,Ugur O. Use Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine Among Patients With Diabetes In.pdf

pdf4. Yagiz AE, Drug NU. Treatment of Neuropathic Pain in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury.pdf

pdf5. Demirel B et al A Research On The Significance Of Branched Chain Amino.pdf

pdf6.Agacayak E et al.Risk factors predisposing to surgical evacuation after medical termination of pregnancy.pdf

pdf7.Ozan YD and Okumus H Experiences of Turkish women about infertility treatment.pdf

pdf8.Baran G, Baran M, Kilic H.Examination of Factors That Affected Self Care Agency of Nursing High School Students.pdf

pdf9. Zengin L, Atalay M.The Breast-Feeding Knowledge Levels of the Mothers Staying in a Suckling?s Clinique.pdf

pdf10. Cokkeser Y. A Prospective Self Controlled Trial to Evaluate Post Operative Pain.pdf

pdf11. Aslan MM et al.Domestic Homicides; The First Series From Turkey.pdf

pdf12. Cangur S, Ankarali H. Comparison of Pearson Chi-Square and Log ?Likelihood Ratio Statistics in RxC Tables with Regard to Type I Error.pdf

pdf13. Arslan Z et al. The Anestesia Managemant of a Case Plasenta Perkreata Diagnosed During Caesarean Operation.pdf

pdf14 Goya C et al.Gastroduodenal intussusception secondary to gastric signet ring cell carcinoma.pdf

pdf15. Ucmak D et al. Purpura Localized on the Chin A New Entity Other Than Factitial Causes.pdf

pdf16.Akdag M. Effects of Radiofrequency in a Rare Fibroma of the Tonsil.pdf

pdf17.Agacayak E et al. Partial Hydatidiform Mole in a Quintuplet Pregnancy Following Intrauterine Sperm.pdf

pdf18. Oylumlu M et al. A Case of Giant Coronary Aneurysm Presented with Acute Inferolateral Myocardial.pdf

pdf19. Oylumlu M et al. Iatrogenic Coronary Artery and Right Atrial Rupture During Percutaneous Coronary.pdf

pdf20.Yagiz AE et al.Palmoplantar Pustulosis Induced By Adalimumab.pdf

pdf21. Kaya Z et al. Best Competition for Life Dual Bridge Collaterals Supplying LAD on Both Tails of Moustache.pdf

pdf23.  Seda Ozturan The Use Of The Erbium

pdf24. Seda Ozturan Treatment of Gingival Recession with Coronally Advanced FlapProcedure

pdf22. Oylumlu M. Woven Right Coronary Artery.pdf



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